The sales upload and feed performance reporting

Merchant NameSelect the Merchant name of the account you wish to view.
Upload DateChoose the date range from a preset option or custom range.
SourceThe source of the upload, whether it is in Hub or third-party.
Successful UploadWhether the file uplaod to display has been successful or not.

Processed LinesHow many total lines have been processed. This is made up of the following 4 items.
Saved LinesHow many lines have been injested into the Feefo database.
Duplicated LinesHow many lines are duplicated
Blocked LinesHow many lines are blocked.
Error LinesHow many errors have occured
Sales Upload PerformanceThis shows the tiles above in graphical format in the granularity selected including a rejection rate overlaid (error line - processed line for the particular date) 
Sale Upload x Catalogue Performance