The Reporting Overview serves as the primary interface for merchants to access key metrics and insights regarding their business performance. It functions as the central hub, providing a comprehensive snapshot of essential data points such as Service Score, Product Score, Response Rate, and Breakdown per Star Rating. Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, merchants can leverage this overview to gain valuable insights into their account and campaign performance. Moreover, the interface allows users to apply filters, enabling them to customise their view based on specific accounts and campaigns.

Report Filter

Report filters allow users to narrow down the data displayed in their reports based on specific criteria or conditions. Here's what report filters enable users to do:

Merchant Name(s)Enter the name or identifier of accounts available to the user. If you select multiple accounts you see the aggregation in the metrics
Date SourceChoose from sales date or feedback request date.
Date RangeChoose from preset date range options or create a custom range.
Chart GranularityChoose from Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Year. This determines the X axis in the graphs and how the data points are also aggregated. 
Tag KeyChoose a tag key to display particular metrics.
Tag ValueChoose a tag value to display particular metrics.
Feedback SourceThis can be product or service feedback. This affects the calculations of the graphs displayed below.

Report Charts

Feefo charts refer to the visual representations of data generated within the platform. 

Request SentCounts the distinct saleid, excluding reminders, that Feefo have sent.

Product - When feedback_source_selector=product feedback, it counts requests with product section in the form. A sale with multiple saleitems will only be counted as 1 request sent.

Service - When feedback_source_selector=service feedback, it counts requests with service section in the form it counts all requests sent via email or sms or web.
Request with FeedbackThe count of distinct saleid that received feedback

Product - When feedback_source_selector=product feedback, it counts distinct sale id with product feedback. A sale with multiple product feedback will only be counted as 1 Request with Feedback.

Service - When feedback_source_selector=service feedback, it counts distinct sale id with service feedback. 
Response RateThe percentage of requests with feedback

Calculation - Request Sent/Request with Feedback

Note: If multiple product requests are on one form and a response is received for one (or more) of them then it is counted as one response.
Rating (Card)

Average product/service feedback rating.

Calculation - SUM(product/service rating) / COUNT(product/service rating)

Rating BreakdownA rating breakdown table showing the feedback count and percentage of total.
Sent vs ReceivedA line chart showing the count of request sent(orange line) and the count of Request with Feedback(blue line) by date.
Response Rate %A line chart showing the response rate by date.
Rating (Chart)A line chart showing the average rating by date.