The Product Tab offers merchants the flexibility to filter and consolidate product scores based on various parameters such as accounts, Parent SKUs, SKUs, tags, and product attributes. This integration promises enhanced functionality and data management capabilities. 

Report Filters

Report filters allow users to narrow down the data displayed in their reports based on specific criteria or conditions. Here's what report filters enable users to do:

Merchant Name(s)Enter the name or identifier of accounts available to the user. If you select multiple accounts you see the aggregation in the metrics
Date SourceChoose from sales date or feedback request date.
Date RangeChoose from preset date range options or create a custom range.
Chart GranularityChoose from Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Year. This determines the X axis in the graphs and how the data points are also aggregated. 
Tag KeyChoose a tag key to display particular metrics.
Tag ValueChoose a tag value to display particular metrics.
Product Rating
Filter byProduct SKU or Parent Product SKU
Product SKU/Parent Product SKU
Attribute Name

Report Chart

Feefo charts refer to the visual representations of data generated within the platform.

Total Product Feedback ReceivedThe count of product feedback received. if there are 2 products in one sale and both of them received feedback, it’ll be counted as 2.
Total Product SKU/Product Group ID soldThe count of distinct product SKU/product group ID sold.
% with FeedbackA donut chart showing the percentage of product SKU/product group ID sold that received feedback and the percentage of product SKU/product group ID sold that didn’t received feedback.
Average Product RatingA line chart showing the average product feedback rating by date.

Report Product Data

Merchant Name
Parent Product SKU
Product SKU
Feedback Received
Average Product Rating
Attribute Rating

Product List without Feedback

Parent Product SKU
Product SKU