As of the latest communication from BTEE, there are upcoming restrictions on SMS sender IDs that businesses need to be aware of and comply with. This article provides essential information on the restrictions, non-compliant sender IDs, and the necessary actions to ensure compliance.


Alphanumeric Sender IDs

Prohibited Special Characters

If your alphanumeric sender IDs contain prohibited special characters, such as punctuation marks or symbols, adjustments need to be made. For example, if your sender ID is "Feefo'sReviews", it is non-compliant.


Prohibited Generic Words

Sender IDs that include prohibited generic words, like "test-sms", are not allowed. Review your sender IDs for such terms and update accordingly.


Prohibited Brand/Organisation Names

Avoid using brand or organisation names such as "Feefo" within sender IDs, as it is against the rules. If your sender ID includes prohibited names, make the necessary adjustments.


Multiple Prohibited Items

Check if your sender IDs contain more than one prohibited item from the above categories. Ensure compliance by updating sender IDs with multiple non-compliant elements.


Action Steps

If your alphanumeric sender IDs violate any of the mentioned rules, update them to comply with BTEE regulations. No confirmation is required unless changes have been made. If you've already rectified the listed sender IDs, no further action is necessary.


Numeric Sender IDs

If your numeric sender IDs are non-compliant, you need to take specific actions based on the nature of the issue.


Non-UK VMN or Short code

If you are using a non-UK VMN (Virtual Mobile Number) or short code for sending within or to the UK, you must switch to a UK one.


Other Numeric Sender IDs

For any other non-compliant numeric sender IDs, update them in line with BTEE rules. No confirmation is needed unless changes are made. If you've already updated the listed sender IDs, no further action is required.



In certain cases, exemptions may be granted by BTEE for items on the prohibited list, allowing continued use within sender IDs. This applies to both alphanumeric and numeric sender IDs.


Note on Non-UK VMN or Short code

BTEE will not grant an exemption for the use of a non-UK VMN or short code. If you currently use a non-UK VMN or short code, you must switch to a UK one. However, if you use a non-UK VMN or short code to send SMS from the UK to another country, you can continue to do so.


Seeking Exemptions

To discuss logging an exemption for approval by BTEE, please contact the support team at Esendex via phone at 03453565759 or by emailing



Please contact your CSM or Feefo support if you have further questions . You can find a full list of the restrictions covered through the link below:

Stay informed, stay compliant!