If you want to keep track of all the feedback requests you're sending or have already sent, the "Manage Feedback Requests" feature in the Feefo Hub is the perfect tool for you. This part of the Hub provides valuable insights into the status of your feedback requests, allowing you to monitor and analyse your feedback collection process.

Filtering Feedback Requests

If you want to get visibility of all the feedback requests you’re sending, or have already sent:

  1. Go to ‘Campaigns'
  2. Click 'Manage Feedback Requests’ 

This part of the Hub is really useful – whether you want to check the status of your feedback requests in general, or take a look at a specific request for a customer.

This section offers a variety of filtering options, enabling you to customize your view based on specific criteria. Here are the available filters:




If you’re running more than one campaign, you can filter your feedback requests by campaign type. So, for example, ‘post-sale’ or ‘branch name’.


Choose whether you want to view feedback requests that are pending, queued up to be sent, or already sent to your customers.

Request type

Here you can select ‘Feedback Request’ (the initial request sent to the customer). ‘Feedback Reminder’ (the prompt that goes out after the first request) or ‘Product NTY Reminder’. ‘NTY’ stands for ‘not tried yet’, so these reminders go out to those customers who had alerted Feefo on their original feedback request that they hadn’t tried the product yet.

Order ref 

If you want to find the feedback request which corresponds to a particular order, you can enter the order reference here. This is a useful feature if you have a customer enquiring about their feedback request.

Email address

Like the previous option, this filter is great when looking for a customer order, and is handy when the customer doesn’t have their order number to hand.

Displayed Information

After applying your preferred filters, click on "Search feedback requests," and the relevant requests will be displayed in a table format, providing the following information:



Send date

When the feedback request was sent to the customer

Requested date

The date and time the feedback request was originally specified to be sent. (Occasionally this may differ to the actual send date due to server processing, if the campaign is paused or restarted, if the upload is late, etc.

Sale date

The date the transaction took place


The customer’s name


The email address of the customer who placed the order


Whether the request is pending, queued, suspended or has been sent


This depends on what requests you’re viewing. For 'pending' requests you can see 'View Sale Info', 'Edit Recipient', 'Send Now' and 'Delete'. If you’re looking at ‘Sent' requests you can 'View Sale Info', 'View', 'Edit Recipient' or 'Resend'.


If you have any questions or need assistance with managing your feedback requests, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team. We're here to help you make the most of your feedback collection process and enhance your customer experience.