Custom templates provide a flexible way to gather feedback that goes beyond traditional product and service reviews. Unlike product and service templates, custom templates allow you to create questionnaires without the need for a star rating. This gives you the freedom to collect specific information tailored to your business needs.

Creating a Custom Template

  1. Log in to your Feefo Hub and go to the Campaigns section.
  2. Locate and click on Manage Templates.
  3. Select Custom Templates to begin creating your unique questionnaire.
  4. Click on the Create New Template button to start the template creation process.
  5. Choose the Custom option from the available template types.
  6. Give your custom template a descriptive name to easily identify it later.
  7. Choose to map to either 
    • Tags are customisable labels that help categorise feedback. Add tags and corresponding values to refine the data collected. You can include multiple tags if needed.
    • SKUs(Stock Keeping Unit): If you want to add particular questions for a specific product, you can assign a question for a specific SKU. The question will only appear if the SKU matches to the one added to the question
  8. Choose the geographical or cultural region for which the template is intended.
  9. If your audience speaks multiple languages, you can add translations to ensure a broader reach.
  10. Click Start Building Form to begin the customisation of your template.


Creating custom templates in Feefo allows you to tailor feedback collection to your specific requirements. By following the outlined steps, you can efficiently build a custom template that goes beyond traditional star ratings and gathers valuable insights for your business.