As part of the deprecation of Reevoo's customer_order and customer_orders functionality, Feefo now offers an alternative solution through our EnterSaleRemotely API. This API allows you to submit orders and sales data to your Feefo account seamlessly. In this article, we'll explain how to use the EnterSaleRemotely API and provide details on its endpoint, authentication, and parameters for order information.

What is the EnterSaleRemotely API?

Feefo's EnterSaleRemotely API enables you to make POST requests to submit single order-product lines directly to your Feefo account. It also allows you to combine follow-up POST requests with multiple products, automatically batching orders with the same reference, merchant identifier, and future feedback date.

API Endpoint

The EnterSaleRemotely API endpoint is 

When you make POST requests to this endpoint, you may receive a 200, 500, or 400 response.

Specifying Your Feefo Account

In Feefo, your account is identified by a parameter called a merchant identifier, which you can find within your Feefo account's business details page. If your Feefo account has a group-level account structure, any request sent to that group-level account, specifying a merchant identifier within the account structure, will automatically be accepted and submitted to the correct account within the structure, as specified by that merchant identifier.


Unlike Reevoo's customer_order API, the Feefo EnterSaleRemotely API authenticates against an OAuth 2.0 bearer token. This token is generated by secure credentials stored on your Feefo account's App Keys. Detailed instructions on generating and providing a bearer token can be found in our knowledge base.

The resulting token should be applied as an Authorization header in your request, with the value being "Bearer TOKENGENERATED."

Parameters and Order Information

Once you have a valid Feefo App Key OAuth 2.0 token generated and applied as a header, you can add the order/sale information through the Body as raw JSON or x-www-form-urlencoded content.

Below, we provide a list of old customer_order API parameters along with their applicable new parameters for Feefo's EnterSaleRemotely API:

  • Old customer_order API Parameter: orderref
    • New Parameter: orderReference
  • Old customer_order API Parameter: feedbackdate
    • New Parameter: futureFeedbackDate

Please note that Feefo offers many new parameters, most of which are Product parameters that are optional. These parameters can be ingested through your product feed, product catalog, and/or Google Shopping feed connection. While orderReference and futureFeedbackDate are not mandatory for the upload to be successful, we strongly recommend providing them where possible.

Old Parameter

New Parameter




MandatoryThe merchant's unique Feefo identifierBEST-FRIDGE-UK
EMAILEMAILMandatoryThe customer's email
FIRST_NAMENAMEMandatoryThe customer's nameJohn Smith
SKUPRODUCTSEARCHCODEMandatoryThe product identifierFRESH22
ORDER_DATEDATEMandatoryThe date of sale01/01/2023
ORDER_REFORDEREFRecommendedThe merchant's order identifierFRE22JHSM23
CUSTOMER_REFCUSTOMERREFOptionalThe merchant's customer reference number JS02
LOCALELOCALEOptionalThe language of the email that are sent to the customerEN_GB
PRICAMOUNTOptionalThe price paid for the item purchased300.00

CURRENCYOptionalCurrency for the amountGBP

FEEDBACKDATERecommendedA specific date on which the feedback for this order should be sent02/02/23

TAGSOptionalUsed for filtering data by sales or product attributes for further analysis

DESCRIPTIONOptionalDescription of the item purchased

PARENTSEARCHCODEOptionalThe product's parent identifier

GTINOptionalThe product's global trade item number

MPNOptionalThe product's manufacturer part number

PRODUCTLINKOptionalThe URL to the product page for the product

PRODUCTATTRIBUTESOptionalProduct qualities requiring  targeted feedback through separate feedback form questions 

An example request with POST raw JSON BODY is below:

HEADER: Authorization:Bearer TOKEN-GENERATED

"merchantidentifier": "adam-tech-test",
"email": "",
"name": "John",
"description": "JSONPOST",
"orderref": "POSTJSON01",
"date": "01/01/2000",
"vendorref": "JSONPOST"


For more information on Feefo's EnterSaleRemotely API and how to submit orders/sales seamlessly, please refer to our knowledge base or reach out to our support team if you have any questions or need assistance.