Feefo's platform allows you to import sales information to collect valuable feedback from your customers. To ensure smooth processing, Feefo recommends using a tab-delimited (TXT) or comma-separated (CSV) data file encoded in UTF-8 as the preferred format for importing sales data. This article provides an overview of the sales file format, how to download a sample sales file, and the required and optional fields to include in your sales data.

Downloading the Sample Sales File

To get started, Feefo offers a sample sales file that you can download directly from the Feefo Hub. Follow these steps to access the sample sales file:

  1. Log in to your Feefo account.
  2. In the left-side navigation bar, click on "Sales".
  3. Choose "Upload Multiple Sales."
  4. On the right-hand side of the page, you'll find the download link for the sample sales file.

Sales File Structure

A sales file contains multiple order lines, with each line representing a given sale. For instance, if a sale consists of four items, the file should include a header line with four order lines, one for each item. Each order line must include several required fields and may include optional ones if needed.

Below is an example of a sales file with two sales entries, featuring only the required fields:

merchant identifier


emaildatedescriptionorder refproduct search code
examplesupplier-comJohn Smithjohnxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com11/01/2010Falcon Mach V92888132


Harriet Jones

harrietxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com11/01/2010Konica Minolta Z2092896133

Column Headers and Order

In every sales file, you must include the column headers as shown in the shaded row of the example table above. However, the order of the columns is not critical for successful data processing. Feefo's platform will effectively handle the data regardless of the column order.

Required and Optional Fields

To ensure complete and accurate sales data, you must include the required fields in each order line. Additionally, you have the option to include relevant optional fields when necessary. Below is a list of both the required and optional fields:              

Field name for a TXT or CSV file 

Brief description


The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)


The Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)


The customer's mobile phone number. This should be in the international format 

starting with a ‘+’, e.g. +447111111111 (UK, US, IE and ZA numbers only). If used, 

this column must be formatted as 'Text' to ensure the + symbol remains. 

parent search code

An identifier for the product's parent search code

feedback date

A specific date on which the feedback for this order should be sent out 

customer ref

Your customer's reference number 


The price paid for the item bought 


The currency of the amount field 

product link 

The URL to the product page for the product 


A list of service levels for analysing the data 


The customer’s locale 

product attributes

A list of additional product attributes that the customer can rate for a product. Read more

image link

The full URL starting with http or https to the product's main image


Feefo's preferred format for importing sales information through a tab-delimited or comma-separated data file ensures efficient data processing on their platform. By including the required fields and optionally relevant ones, you can collect valuable customer feedback, analyse the data, and make informed decisions to enhance your products and services. Feel free to use the provided sample sales file as a reference when preparing your data. For any questions or assistance, Feefo's support team is available to guide you throughout the process.