If your business processes transactions through an eCommerce website, integrating Feefo's feedback request system using iFrames could be a valuable consideration. By adding an iFrame to your site's sale confirmation page, the necessary information for requesting reviews can be automatically sent to Feefo. This article provides guidance on implementing the Feefo iFrame solution, along with the required code snippets for successful integration.

Considerations Before Implementation

Before proceeding with the iFrame integration, take note of the following considerations:

Registered Site: Only sales from the website registered in the Feefo Hub under 'Settings > Brand Profile > Website Forwarding URL' can be used. If you have multiple subdomains, inform us, and we will add them to your Feefo account.

iFrame Placement: Add the iFrame under the provided code snippet to ensure correct functionality.

iFrame Example

Here's an example of an iFrame that will automatically send sales information to Feefo:

<iframe id="FSI_IFrame"
    style="display: none; "
    data-feefo-name="John Smith"
    data-feefo-products='[{"description":"Test Description","productsearchcode":"546651","productlink":"","tags":{"saleschannel":"Web","productline":"games"}}]'>  


Understanding the iFrame Parameters

Here's an explanation of each line in the iFrame and additional optional values:

  • Src : The Feefo API URL for your Merchant Identifier  
  • data-feefo-email: The consumer email address  
  • data-feefo-orderref: The order number
  • data-feefo-name: The customer’s name  
  • data-feefo-customerref: The customer’s reference number
  • data-feefo-feedbackdate: The date that the feedback request should be sent (dd/mm/yy)  
  • data-feefo-date: The date of the sale
  • data-feefo-products: The products included in the sale. This could include the description, the cost, a product code, and any tags that are used the identify the products  

Once the iFrame is added, your sales information will automatically be sent to Feefo, provided it passes all validation checks as a legitimate sale. If any checks fail, the sale will be rejected, and the feedback request won't be sent.

Additional Code Snippet

To ensure the proper processing of sales information, add the following code snippet to the bottom of each page using the iFrame:

 <!-- Post message handler -->
<script type="text/javascript" 

<!-- Initialise the Post Message Handler -->
<script type="text/javascript"> 
var FPMH = new Feefo.PostMessageHandler(); 

Without this code, the sale will not be processed and sent to Feefo.


By integrating Feefo's feedback request system using iFrames, eCommerce websites can efficiently gather customer reviews and boost customer engagement. Follow the provided guidelines and code snippets for successful implementation. If you have any questions or need assistance with Feefo's iFrame integration, feel free to get in touch with our support team. They are ready to help you optimise your feedback collection process.