At Feefo, we believe in facilitating transparent communication between merchants and their customers. When a customer leaves a review, merchants have the opportunity to respond, address any concerns, and resolve queries directly. This article outlines the process involved in responding to customer reviews through Feefo's platform.

Customer Alert Options

Upon receiving a review, the customer is notified via email with three options:

  1. Contact the Merchant Directly: This option allows customers to reach out to the merchant directly for further communication.
  2. Continue the Discussion or Modify Their Rating: Customers selecting this option are directed to a new form template, where they can engage in ongoing dialogue with the merchant or adjust their initial rating.
  3. Resolve the Query: Customers can choose to resolve the query directly, indicating that their concerns have been addressed satisfactorily.

Engaging with the Response Form

Within the response form, customers can 

  • View the entire thread of communication and select specific comments as helpful. 
  • Customers have the option to mark the thread as resolved or continue the conversation by replying.
  • Customers can modify their star rating directly from the response form, providing them with flexibility to reflect their updated sentiments accurately.
  • Customers have access to review all aspects of their original feedback, including service, purchase details, and custom forms, if applicable.

Once the customer has completed their response, it is submitted through the Feefo platform. This action triggers an update on the merchant's page, ensuring that the latest information is reflected.

Resolution and Thread Closure

To resolve sections, customers can select option 3 in the email to resolve specific sections or queries raised in the review. Even after sections are resolved, merchants and customers can still view the thread for reference. When all sections are resolved to the customer's satisfaction, they can click "I'm done" to formally close the thread, signifying the completion of the resolution process.


At Feefo, our goal is to facilitate constructive dialogue and efficient resolution processes between merchants and their customers. By providing a transparent and user-friendly platform, we empower businesses to address feedback effectively and foster positive customer experiences.