The Feedback Tab on the Feefo Hub provides a comprehensive overview of all Feefo verified review content. Reviews are categorised into four sections to offer valuable insights into your customer feedback:

Feedback Type


All reviews

This section displays the complete review content, providing a holistic view of customer feedback. 

Service only

Here, you can view the service-related elements of the reviews, focusing on the customer service experience. 

Product only

This section showcases the product-specific aspects of the reviews, giving you insights into the quality and features of your offerings.
If enabled, this section displays User-Generated Content (UGC) uploaded with review content. You can also select the imagery to showcase in the media wall.

Review Content Display

Regardless of the section you are in, clicking on a review will reveal the complete review content. Each review consists of the reviewer's name, email address, order reference, rating, title, and a review snippet. The written and publish date of the review is also displayed, along with the read status.

If a review is long, only the first 300 characters will display on the Hub feedback tab before entering the full review.

Responding to Reviews

After a customer leaves a review, you have the option to respond publicly to their feedback. If a customer chooses to remain anonymous, an icon will be displayed next to their name.

It is highly recommended to reply to all feedback, especially negative reviews. Responding to negative reviews offers an opportunity to provide an explanation or an apology for any negative experience. This not only leaves your customer with a more positive outlook but also shows potential customers that you care about their satisfaction.

Upon receiving your initial reply, the customer has the option to provide further feedback and even modify their previous rating.

To respond to a review, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Open Review" button next to the review you want to respond to.
  2. Type your response in the provided field.
  3. Multiple users can reply to the same review simultaneously. However, once a reply has been sent, the second replier will be informed that a response has already been placed when trying to submit their reply.

Response Thread and Email Notification

When you respond to a customer's review through the Feefo Hub, the customer can be notified via email. The email will have the subject line '[Merchant Name] has responded to your feedback' and will provide a summary of the response.

Review Forwarding and Sharing

Review content can be forwarded from the Feefo Hub to external email addresses, including group addresses for multiple contacts. Contacts with a Feefo Hub account can respond to the feedback using the provided link.

Reviews can also be shared via social media or marked as "to-do" for later moderation.

Consumer Options for Responding

Upon receiving a response, the consumer has three options:



Respond Directly

Click here to continue the discussion or modify your rating

This option allows customers to continue the conversation or modify their rating. Enable this option in the Feefo Hub under Settings > Feedback preferences > Allow additional unprompted feedback.

I am satisfied with the response no further action is required

A third option the consumer has is to mark the review as resolved, such as the below.


Here are a few tips on how to respond to customer feedback:  

  • Keep your responses short and concise  
  • If something has gone wrong, acknowledge what happened and make sure you apologise
  • If possible, explain what has been done to prevent the issue happening again  
  • Refer to any correspondence that has been made  
  • Address your customer by their name, unless they’ve chosen to appear anonymous 
  • Avoid any ‘business speak’, and keep your language friendly  


If you'd like to learn more about responding to negative reviews, refer to our guide. Remember, search engines consider customer-merchant conversations valuable content, so responding to both positive and negative reviews can benefit your business.