At Feefo, genuine and honest reviews from real customers are at the heart of everything we do. We publish 100% of all customer reviews that our merchants receive, unless they violate one of our ‘grounds for removal’.

When a consumer leaves a review that claims, without evidence, illegal or fraudulent behaviour, i.e. that a business or consumer is engaged in dangerous practices, is a liar, scam, or selling fake goods or services. This list is not definitive and could include where actual court action or litigation is referred to within the content. We would also remove comments where a transaction was not accepted because of a fraud check - in this instance, the merchant would need to provide evidence would need to be provided by the merchant.  

If the content contains dangerous information not related to the intended usage of the product or service, then we will reject it. For example, if a reviewer recommends modifying, customising, or adapting a product in a way that creates a safety concern, the review in question will be removed.

There is an automatic profanity filter applied to public facing pages however, you will see the full review when you log into the hub.

What we will remove  

For example, we may remove a review if it contains any of the following:  

  • Litigious or safety comments 
  • Swearing or inappropriate language  
  • Irrelevant content
  • Inappropriate media content 
  • Requested by the content owner 
  • Personal information 
  • Spam, advertising or marketing
  • False content 
  • Competitor or pricing comments 
  • Reviews left in the wrong section of the feedback form 
  • Incorrect uploads 
  • Reviews not in the desired language 
  • Item not received – Product 
  • A score that does not match the comment 
  • Incentivised content 

What we won't remove

We also occasionally get asked to remove reviews, which we will never do unless they include anything listed above. For example, we won’t remove: 

Breaching terms and conditions 

Content that references something that violates a merchant's terms and conditions (i.e. about shipping overseas when the merchant does not).  

Negative comments  

If a negative review isn't in violation of any of the criteria for removal, it will not be removed.  

Negative reviews and opinions 

Even if the merchant has satisfactorily resolved the issue in the original review, the negative sentiment or opinion expressed in the original review will not be removed unless specifically requested by the reviewer.  

Spelling errors 

Content that includes spelling or punctuation errors.  

'Unfair' reviews 

Content that represents the legitimate opinion of the consumer but is viewed as 'unfair' by the business, unless they meet other criteria for removal, will not be removed

Cancelled orders 

Once a transaction has occurred, a consumer will be able to leave feedback based on their experience, even if the order has been cancelled. For example, if a consumer chooses to cancel their order due to the quality of a merchant's customer service. 

Competitor reviews  

If a competitor leaves a legitimate review after making a purchase, they are just as entitled to leave a review as any other customer.  

Not 'useful' 

When a merchant feels a published review isn't 'useful' or 'beneficial'.  

After a refund 

Where a merchant has subsequently refunded the consumer, who has completed their purchase and/or experienced service, they are entitled to leave a review based on their experience.  

 No warning 

A consumer does not have to complain to the merchant before leaving a negative review.  

  Item not received – Service 

A consumer has not yet received their item but did leave an experience-based service review unless they are proven to have received the item in question.  

These lists aren’t exhaustive, and you can read a more detailed guide to our review guidelines.  

Request Moderation

If you feel that you’ve received some feedback that should be removed, you’ll need to flag the review for moderation. Here’s how you do it from the Feefo Hub:  

  1. Click on the review, and go to 'actions' > flag for moderation  
  2. Make sure you give as much detail as possible about the situation, and why you believe the review should be removed so that the moderation team can get enough insight and context 
  3. Once your request has been submitted, we may get in touch to ask for more information 
  4. We’ll let you know by email whether we’ve removed the review or not. If we’ve decided not to remove the review, we’ll give you the reasons why 

Each review can be flagged a maximum of 3 times. After a 3rd attempt, a message will appear, letting you know that they need to contact for further assistance with the review.