Feefo's Smart Themes feature revolutionises the on-site customer journey by utilising advanced sentiment analysis technology to group and highlight review content that is most relevant to customers. With Smart Themes, businesses can enhance their on-page integration and provide a more personalised shopping experience for customers. This article explores how to set up Smart Themes with existing on-page integrations and introduces the additional Smart Themes widgets.

* Smart Themes is an additional feature which may not be part of your current Feefo package. Please speak to your Customer Success Manager or our Support team to find out how you can add Smart Themes to your account.  

Setting up Smart Themes with your Existing On-page Integration

Smart Themes seamlessly integrates with your current on-page integration and can be activated by your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Once enabled, the topics bar will automatically appear across all on-page integrations, allowing customers to easily access relevant review content. Feefo's sophisticated sentiment analysis technology generates unique topics for each service and product review integration.

To customise the appearance of Smart Themes on your on-page integrations, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Feefo Hub and navigate to 'Marketing > On-page Reviews' in the left-hand menu.
  2. Choose whether to edit Smart Themes for 'service' or 'product' reviews by clicking on the corresponding tab.
  3. To make Smart Themes visible to customers, check the 'Show Topics' box.
  4. To enable the 'at a glance' feature for customers, check the 'At a Glance' box.

Additional Smart Themes Widgets

Smart Themes offers two unique and fully customizable widgets to enhance the user experience:

Topic Widgets: The Topic Widget allows businesses to display grouped review topics that are relevant to customers. By presenting reviews based on specific themes, customers can quickly find the information they are most interested in, saving time and improving their overall shopping experience.

Snippet Widgets: The Snippet Widget showcases snippets of review content, giving customers a glimpse of the feedback shared by other shoppers. These snippets are carefully selected to highlight the most relevant and positive aspects of products or services, encouraging potential buyers to make informed decisions.

Smart Themes also comes with two unique and fully customisable widgets: Topic & Snippet Widgets


Feefo's Smart Themes feature empowers businesses to optimise their on-site customer journey and improve customer satisfaction. By utilising advanced sentiment analysis technology, Smart Themes groups and highlights review content that is most relevant to customers. By implementing Smart Themes with existing on-page integrations, businesses can create a personalised shopping experience, reduce basket abandonment, and boost customer confidence in their purchasing decisions. Additionally, the availability of unique Topic and Snippet Widgets enhances the presentation of review content, providing customers with valuable insights that aid their decision-making process. To learn more about Smart Themes and how to add this valuable feature to your Feefo account, get in touch with your dedicated Customer Success Manager or the Support team today.