At Feefo, we understand the importance of showcasing your customer feedback in a way that aligns perfectly with your business needs. That's why we've developed the Widget Gallery, a convenient and user-friendly platform that allows you to filter, preview, and customise all your Feefo widgets in one centralised location.

Getting started with the Widget Gallery is a breeze. 

  1. Log in to the Feefo Hub.
  2. Navigate to 'Marketing'
  3. Select 'Widget Gallery' to explore the full range of possibilities.

Filtering widgets

To discover the ideal widget for your business, we've equipped you with powerful filtering options. You can narrow down widgets based on various factors, including features, product and service ratings, and their potential impact on consumers, such as enhancing trust or boosting conversions.

To filter widgets, select the relevant tab that aligns with your specific requirements. You can combine multiple filter options by highlighting each desired option, enabling you to find widgets that match multiple criteria.

Choosing your widgets

With your list of widgets narrowed down, it's time to choose the ones best suited for your business. Keep in mind that there's no one-size-fits-all approach, as each business is unique.

We recommend experimenting with different widgets to maximise the impact of your Feefo reviews.

To assist you in making the right choices, each widget comes with a brief description, keyword filter tags, a preview image (activated when you hover your cursor over the icon), and an installation guide link.

You can find and change the setting for any of the following widgets in our Widget Gallery: 

  • Feefo Places 
  • Pop-Up Reviews 
  • Service Review Carousel 
  • Slide-Out Reviews Tab 
  • Score Badge 
  • Product Stars 
  • On-Page Reviews 
  • Media Gallery 
  • Highlighted Topics 

Please note that you will only be able to edit the widgets included in your Feefo package. Any widgets not part of your package will be highlighted in purple.

For information on upgrading to additional widgets, simply select the desired widget and click 'Get in touch' as prompted.

Installation Guides and Support

Each widget may vary in complexity when integrating it with your website. We highly recommend referring to the installation guides for detailed instructions. For further assistance or advice, don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our dedicated support team.


Generating a New Feefo Badge

If you’d like to create a new, updated static service or product reviews badge, scroll to the bottom of the widget list and click the ‘Generate New Badge’ button. 

Choose your template and whether you want it to display your product reviews, service reviews or a combination of both by clicking on the preview image, selecting your desired badge and clicking ‘Select Template’. 

Customise the badge further by choosing its color: 

  • Grey 
  • Yellow 
  • White 

Choose the size of the score badge. The options will differ depending on the template you’ve selected. 

Choose what happens when a user clicks on your badge by selecting from the following options: 

  • Go to Feefo Merchant Page 
  • Go to custom URL 
  • Do nothing

Once you’re happy with the set-up, click ‘Generate Badge Code’.  


With Feefo's Widget Gallery, you have all the tools you need to create captivating and tailored widgets that beautifully showcase your customer feedback and enhance your online presence. Customise, filter, and schedule your widgets effortlessly to ensure you get the most out of your Feefo reviews.