Feefo's Stars are a great tool for businesses aiming to showcase their commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction. This knowledge base article serves as a comprehensive guide on how to leverage Feefo's Star Rating in your marketing assets effectively, enhancing brand credibility and fostering trust among your audience.

Understanding the Feefo Star Rating


Feefo's Star Rating is a visual representation of customer feedback, summarising overall satisfaction with your products or services. Ranging from one to five stars, each rating reflects the average sentiment of real customers who have shared their experiences on the Feefo platform.

0 - 1Very Poor
1.5 - 2Poor
2.5 - 3Fair
3.5 - 4Good
4.5 - 5Exceptional

Key Benefits of Feefo's Star Rating


Trust Building

The Star Rating acts as an immediate trust signal for potential customers, offering a quick and visual summary of your business's reputation.



By displaying your Star Rating, you demonstrate a commitment to transparency, allowing customers to make informed decisions based on real experiences.


Credibility Boost

Featuring the Star Rating in marketing assets adds credibility to your brand, showcasing a commitment to customer satisfaction and the quality of your products or services.


Feefo's Star Rating is a valuable asset for businesses seeking to build trust, enhance transparency, and boost credibility. By thoughtfully integrating this visual representation of customer satisfaction into your marketing assets, you can create a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience, driving positive brand perception and fostering long-term customer relationships.