Curious about seamlessly integrating Feefo's brand assets into your ads and marketing materials? Look no further – this section provides guidance on harmonising our brand and visual identity with yours in straightforward yet impactful ways.

Choosing the Right Asset

Given the limited visual space in ads, consider utilising your star rating or label as the primary Feefo element. Let these features serve as trust signals, enhancing your content without overshadowing it. It's essential to ensure that information is clear and does not mislead our shared customers.


Consider positioning Feefo at the bottom of your visual for a subtle focus on trust without overshadowing your brand. This placement allows your audience to first engage with your product or service, emphasising your Feefo rating as a symbol of trust.

Reviews in Ads

When featuring a review, ensure that the copy is appropriately sized. Given the potential length of reviews, choose quotes that are easily readable. If quoting a customer, obtain permission from the reviewer to use their name or consider anonymising the source.


By following these recommendations, you can seamlessly integrate Feefo's brand assets into your marketing materials, ensuring a harmonious visual identity that resonates with your audience.