Feefo provides a comprehensive suite of reports that empowers you to delve into your data and gain valuable insights into your customers' perceptions of your business. All these reports are conveniently accessible in the 'Reports' tab of the Feefo Hub.

Reporting Tools

Before diving into your reports, familiarize yourself with some essential tools for maximizing the insights you gain.



Sales tags

To extract the most valuable insights from your reports, ensure you have assigned product tags to your sales data. Learn how to tag your data here.

Global filters

At the top of the Hub, locate the green 'Global Filters' button. From here, you can select the account you want to report on and filter by specific sales tags.

Filtering by date

On the top right corner, you'll find a date range tab. Ensure you've selected the appropriate time frame using the Date Range Tool before running any reports.


In the 'Actions' menu within the reports, you can choose to email, schedule, save as PDF, or save as CSV.

The dashboard

Here, you'll get an overview of your feedback, including upload progress, response rates, pending replies, and average rating.

Feefo Reports  

Below are the reports available within the Feefo Hub:



Feedback Breakdown

A simple breakdown of your feedback, including your current rating, total reviews, and the distribution of 1 to 5-star ratings.

Response Performance

Track the number of feedback requests sent, feedback received, and your response rate as a percentage.

Download Feedback

Easily download data to create custom reports according to your needs.

Product Performance

Evaluate your entire product range's performance at a glance and view the average rating per product.

Feedback Summary

Get an overview of the total incoming reviews and their respective star ratings.

Feedback Volumes

Gain visibility into the amount of feedback received over specific time periods. 

Pending Feedback Requests

Access a list of scheduled feedback requests and reminders.


If you'd like to explore the full potential of Feefo reports, refer to our guide or reach out to a member of our dedicated support team for assistance. These reports offer invaluable insights into your customers' experiences, helping you enhance your business and foster customer loyalty.