Google seller ratings are a powerful tool to boost your website's credibility and visibility in Google's search results. They display your average star rating alongside your paid ads (PPC) and can even appear within Google Shopping ads. This comprehensive guide explains how to become eligible for seller ratings and why your stars may not be appearing yet.

How can I become eligible for seller ratings?

To qualify for seller ratings, ensure that your Feefo account is correctly set up. Feefo can directly send your reviews to Google if you have a Google Ads campaign. Each night, Google receives any reviews received in the past 24 hours, and quarterly, a comprehensive update of all your Feefo reviews is sent.

Upon fulfilling Google's criteria for seller ratings, your star rating will start appearing alongside your paid ads in Google's search results.

You can find out more about Google’s criteria for seller ratings here.

Why aren’t my stars appearing?

It may take up to eight weeks for seller ratings to become visible. The display of seller ratings is ultimately at Google's discretion.

In some cases, if you have multiple websites or subdomains, seller ratings will only appear for the original domain. For instance, if you collect reviews for but also have sub-domains like and, seller ratings will only be visible for the original domain,

To check which of your website reviews Google has already received, head to{yourwebsite}. You will need to change {yourwebsite} to your website’s URL (for example,

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Achieving Google seller ratings for your PPC ads is a valuable strategy to gain trust from potential customers and enhance your online presence. By ensuring your Feefo account is correctly set up and meeting Google's criteria, you can unlock the benefits of seller ratings. Remember, it may take some time for your stars to appear, but it's a powerful tool worth the wait. For further information and insights on seller ratings, explore our complete guide on the Feefo blog.