When it comes to product ratings, providing strong ID data is crucial to ensure that they are correctly attributed to the appropriate products in your catalogue. This article will guide you through the process of supplying this essential data to Feefo, particularly focusing on Google's product matching requirements.

How do Google match products?

Google uses various factors to match your review data from a Product Ratings feed to your products. The most robust method of matching is through globally unique product identifiers, such as Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs). However, in cases where GTIN data is unavailable, Google attempts to match reviews using other metadata, such as SKU, Brand + Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) pairs, and Product URLs. Although these alternatives are used, they may not always provide the most accurate match, making GTINs the preferred option.

How can I supply strong ID data to Feefo?

There are several ways to provide the necessary ID data to Feefo:

The recommended and most effective way is to set up a connection between your Feefo and Google Merchant Centre accounts. This connection ensures seamless data transfer and accurate matching. For detailed instructions on how to set up this connection, please refer to our guide.

Alternative options

If you cannot set up the Feefo-Google Merchant Centre connection, you can still supply GTIN data through your transactional feed using the following methods:

  • Sales File: If you send data via a sales file, follow the guidelines provided in our guide [hyperlink to guide].
  • Entersaleremotely API: If you send data via our Entersaleremotely API, refer to our guide [hyperlink to guide].
  • Manual Product Catalogue: Upload a manual product catalogue to your Feefo account, providing a list of your product SKUs and their corresponding GTINs.

Please note that if your Feefo account spans multiple language domains, we strongly recommend supplying the GTIN data via your transactional feed. For further assistance in this scenario, please reach out to Feefo Support.

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)

In cases where your products do not have GTINs, you can also supply a Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) through the methods mentioned above. However, it is essential to remember that Google emphasizes that this option may not guarantee as reliable a match as using GTINs.


Supplying strong ID data, particularly GTINs, is vital to ensure accurate attribution of product ratings. By following the recommended option of setting up a connection between Feefo and Google Merchant Centre, or using alternative methods to provide GTIN data, you can enhance the accuracy and visibility of your product ratings on Google Shopping Ads.