Processed Lines

Definition: number of lines submitted in the sale uploaded file.

Calculation: SUM total order lines

Saved Lines

Definition: number of lines saved into Feefo Database.

Calculation: SUM saved lines

Duplicated Lines

Definition: number of duplicated lines such as

Order Reference previously used.


No Campaign Schedule AND Campaign Type is default


Already has actions for Sale Items

Calculation: SUM duplicated lines

Blocked Lines

Definition: number of order Lines that weren’t accepted for some reason, mainly informed by the Merchant, like:

Product Blocked SKU

Blocked Product Descriptions

Emails of domain

Excluded Email Minimum Interval

Sale Too Old for Update Message

Inconsistent auxiliary data

Calculation: SUM blocked lines

Error Lines

Definition: number of error lines If something went wrong, there will be an Error message summarizing what went wrong, some possible messages are:

Problem processing sales file

Invalid user

Failed to upload file

Failed to parse Sale Content into an order line

For Magento

Invalid or no Consumer Key and/or Consumer Secret supplied

Could not connect to Merchants Magento platform. Please check details supplied

Something is missing... please could you confirm you are a valid Feefo Member and verifier code is valid

Calculation: SUM error lines

Sale Upload Performance Chart

Present the above metrics in a column chart. Additionally, include a line representing the Rejection Rate, calculated as Error Lines divided by Processed Lines.

Sale Upload x Catalogue Performance

Showing the number of error lines with the error "Row X is rejected because the system could not find the product catalogue information" against all processed lines.

Log Table

Details data for each sales upload file is provided. The 'View Details' option allows users to drill down and access all metrics and error messages for each error or rejected line.