With Feefo Social Share, you can now easily curate and share reviews directly from the Feefo Hub platform to your social media channels, creating engaging and authentic content that resonates with your audience.

Benefits of Feefo Social Curation:

  • Share authentic customer reviews to showcase the positive experiences of your customers.
  • Create engaging content that resonates with your audience and boosts your brand's presence on social media.
  • Encourage interaction and build trust with your audience by sharing real-life testimonials and feedback.
  • Tailor your posts to match your brand's aesthetic and messaging with customisable elements.
  • Easily curate and share posts directly from the Feefo Hub platform, saving time and effort.

Connect Account

In order to share your posts across your social accounts, you must first connect to your Meta Business Account. To learn how to achieve this go to Social Network.

Getting Started

To begin curating a social post, simply navigate to the review you wish to share within the Feefo Hub platform and click on "Share Review". This will open up the share window where you can customise the content of your post.

Customisation Options

  1. Choose between Facebook or Instagram templates to tailor your post for the specific social media platform.
  2. Select which aspect of the review text you want to share and decide whether to include the reviewer's name.

  3. Customise the appearance of the post by choosing badges or labels to display, adjusting branding, typography, and colours of the stars, background, and container.

  4. Enhance your post by uploading an image that complements the review.


FormatChoose from
  • Facebook Post - 630px x 1200px
  • Instagram Post - 1080px X 1080px
ContentChoose from
  • Service Review Title
  • Service Review
  • Product Review
Show NameHide or show the name of the reviewer. Trusted Customer will show if they have opted out.




Choose whether to show
  • Brand  Logo
  • Trusted Service Award
  • Eco-label
  • Treefo
Feefo LogoChoose from
  • Yellow
  • White 
  • Black
Typography FontSelect from 12 popular fonts incluyding
  • Roboto
  • Open Sans
  • Monserrat
  • Lato
  • Poppins
  • Source Sans Pro
  • Raleway
  • Noto Sans
  • Inter
  • Roboto Slab
  • Times New Roman
Typography ColourChoose from 
  • 12 present colours 
  • Colour Pallet
  • Hex value
Typography Text SizeChoose from
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
Stars ColourChoose from 
  • 12 present colours 
  • Colour Pallet
  • Hex value
Container EnableChoose whether to include a container to overlat or to hide it
Container ColourChoose from 
  • 12 present colours 
  • Colour Pallet
  • Hex value

Select the transparency

Background Solid ColourChoose from 
  • 12 present colours 
  • Colour Pallet
  • Hex value
Background ImageChoose from four preset backgrounds.
UploadUpload a JPG or PNG

Finalising and Sharing

Once you've customised your post to your liking, you have several options:

  1. Save the post to share later.
  2. Save the configuration you've selected for future use.
  3. Share the post directly to Facebook or Instagram and add a personalised comment to accompany the post before posting.


Feefo Social Share empowers businesses to leverage their customer reviews effectively on social media, driving engagement, trust, and brand awareness. With customisable options and seamless integration with the Feefo Hub platform, sharing authentic customer feedback has never been easier. Start amplifying your reviews and captivating your audience today.