The Feefo Zapier App is an easy way of automating feedback requests by connecting Feefo with other tools used by your business without the need for development.  

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online automation tool which can connect your apps together to create workflows and automate tasks. For example, you could connect Salesforce to Feefo, so that when a new contact is created, a feedback request is sent.  

These directions to and from Zapier are known as ‘triggers’ and ‘actions'.  

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What triggers and actions are supported by the Feefo Zapier App?  


New feedback: This is a trigger that will fire every time you receive new Feefo feedback. You could use this to automatically store the feedback in your CRM system, for example.  

Create feedback request: This action records a transaction against your Feefo account, scheduling a feedback request to be sent to your customer. You could use this for anything from an online sale to an interaction with your customer service team.  

Respond to feedback: This action allows you to reply to a customer’s feedback and is particularly useful if you want to manage your replies outside of the Feefo platform, for example, if you’re using a ticketing system like Zendesk.  


How to get started with the Feefo Zapier App  


Before you decide whether you need the app, check out the plugins that Feefo already includes. It could be that the task you want to automate is already available within Feefo.  

Here’s what you need to do to get started:  

Make sure you have a Zapier account with a price plan to suit your transaction volumes  

Check that the app you want to integrate with Feefo is listed in the Zapier directory 

Connect your Feefo account with Zapier. To do this, you’ll need the username and password for a Feefo merchant administrator account and your merchant ID and API key.   


Once you’re all set up, you can create your own pre-built workflows from the Zapbook, or build your own from scratch.