WebHooks are a great way of helping you stay updated with any new or updated feedback from your customers. 

They are widely used across a number of apps and programs to send automated messages and trigger real-time notifications when something new happens. 

Feefo will provide a Feefo API payload within the webhook containing some information regarding the review which triggered the webhook. This payload will not contain any consumer sensitive information, such as name or email.

Within Feefo, they can be used to notify you when customer feedback has been received or updated.  

Here’s how to get started.  

How to create a new WebHook


Start in the Feefo Hub under ‘Settings > WebHooks’. What options you see on the Settings page all depends on whether you already have any WebHooks set up or not. If you don’t have any in action, your Settings page will look like this:  

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If you do have some WebHooks set up, you’ll see a list of them there instead.  

Click on ‘Register WebHooks ’ to bring up this form 

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You then need to fill out this information:  

Rule name: This is the name of your WebHook and needs to be between 1 and 24 characters.  

When: Set the criteria for your WebHook. This can be when the customer first leaves feedback, when the feedback is updated, or both.  

You’ll also need to choose which conditions will trigger your WebHook. Here’s what each option means:  

Regardless of rating – Whenever a review is left, whatever the rating  

Where the NPS score is – This will only be an option if you have NPS enabled on your account, and means you can choose which NPS rating will trigger this WebHook

Where the product rating is – Choose which product rating will trigger the WebHook

Where the service rating is – Choose which service rating will trigger the WebHook

WebHook URL: This is your WebHook URL which will be listening for notifications from Feefo when new feedback arrives or is updated. It will need to be in the form of https://www.merchant_domain.com/webhookname.  


You can use webhooks to…  

Create a record in your customer CRM with the feedback collected. The response returned by Feefo will not contain consumer sensitive or identifiable data by default. To connect a review to a consumer, you may need to make an authenticated review request following on from the webhook payload.

Display positive feedback in your offices on a message board or screen 

Create a support case in your ticketing system to start a workflow for managing negative feedback 

How to manage your webhooks

You can view all of your existing webhooks from ‘Settings > WebHooks’.  

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From here you can edit and delete individual active WebHooks, as well as look at your 20 most recent WebHook calls.