In this article, we’ll give you a brief overview of the different Feefo APIs, apps, plugins, widgets and integration methods available.  


Uploading sales


Uploading sales file (Feefo Hub) – Although this isn’t an automated method for uploading your sales data to Feefo, the file format and fields are the same as those used for many of our automated methods. Once the file’s format and fields are proven to work with the Feefo Hub, the same format can then be used as part of one of the automated methods listed below. 

Uploading sales files (SFTP, URL Fetch) – There are a few ways you can send your sales data automatically to Feefo. Your options are detailed here. 

Entersaleremotely API – Using this API allows you to supply to sales data to Feefo in real time. 

JavaScript Sale Plugin - If you process transactions through an eCommerce website this solution is worth consideration.

Send data via an eCommerce plugin - For Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and BigCommerce users, there is a Feefo plugin which can automate your uploads.


Reviews integration


Email signature integration – Allows you to display an up to date Feefo badge in your email signature. 

API integration – Perfect for businesses with development resource, this allows you to fully customise your reviews integration. 

On-page integration – A flexible and simple way to showcase your feedback on your website with all the added SEO benefits. 

Pop-up reviews – An ideal solution for having a live feed of all of your service and product reviews available to visitors without the need for a separate reviews page. 

Slide-Out Reviews Tab – A floating tab that scrolls with your page, ensuring your review rating is always in visitors’ eyelines. 

Service Review Carousel – Display several Feefo reviews at once with this scrolling carousel. 

Score Badge – Our simplest integration; a badge that shows your Feefo rating and can link through to your reviews page. 

Product Ratings API - Returns a list of all your products with their average ratings calculated over a chosen period.

Media Gallery – Display your photo and video reviews on your website with our media integration. 

WebHooks – Used to send automated messages and trigger real-time notifications, webhooks are a great way to help you stay updated with any new or updated feedback from your customers.