This feature allows you to create and configure Surveys, which can be distributed via email to your customers, employees, or both. Surveys from Feefo offer a wide range of benefits, including collecting instant and anonymous feedback, measuring staff and customer satisfaction, identifying unique selling points (USPs), and easily exporting survey results for further analysis. In this article, we will explore how to set up and customise surveys, the different types of supported questions, and how to analyse the survey results.

Setting Up and Customizing Surveys

To get started with Surveys, 

  1. Navigate to the Surveys section within the Feefo Hub. 
  2. Here, you can create a new survey by clicking on the 'Create new Survey' button. 

Remember to give your survey a descriptive name to help you identify it later, such as "March New Customer Survey" or "St. Valentine's Day Survey."

Adding Questions to the Survey

Once you have entered the Surveys editor section, you can start adding questions to your survey. Feefo supports several types of questions, some of which are preconfigured templates, such as Net Promoter Score® (NPS), while others can be fully customized. You can set questions as optional or required as needed.


Adding Dependency Logic

The Surveys editor also allows you to add dependency logic between questions. This feature enables you to define which question to show next or end the survey based on the respondent's previous answer. For instance, if a customer provides a perfect recommendation score, you may choose not to ask additional questions. However, if the score is lower, you might follow up with a question asking for more detail.

General Settings for the Survey

The final tab in the Surveys editor contains general settings for the entire survey. You can customise the survey name, add a logo, and allow multiple answers from the same person.

Distributing the Survey

Once your survey is ready, you can generate a shareable link and start sending it out to your intended recipients. You can use the Feefo Hub's Survey Email Collector feature or copy the shareable link to include it in your email campaigns from external systems.


Analysing Survey Results

As responses start coming in, you can explore the answers with ease. The Feefo Hub provides comprehensive reporting features, including overall statistics and detailed statistics for each question. Open text questions will be automatically summarised using the sentiment insight feature, giving you a broad overview of the results. With feedback grouped by sentiment, you can easily preview each answer for a more detailed look at responses.

Types of Supported Questions

As you grow more confident with our Surveys feature, try varying the type of question you ask, using metrics like response rates and customer feedback to gain valuable insight into the process. And, because no two businesses are the same, it takes time to find the right formula that works for you. 

Here’s a list of questions you can add to your survey along with a descriptionof how each of them works:  


Net Promoter Score ® 

This popular option has predefined template and will ask a single recommendation-centres question, designed to instantly measure customer sentiment on a scale of 1-10. Non-customisable. 


Customer effort score  

Here is a question with a multiple-choice answer of 1-5 for customers to respond based on how easy they felt a particular task was e.g. finding returns information online. Partially customisable. 


Customer satisfaction score  

Again, this is a question that focuses on how happy (or otherwise) a customer is regarding a particular element e.g. calling customer services. Partially customisable. 


Short text question 

For when it pays to be precise so you can make an impact. This question can be in response to anything – from key themes identified in feedback, to a specific thought that prompts a more fact-based answer, not based on customer sentiment. Fully customisable. 

Long text question 

As above, this long-form option allows you to pose a strategic question of any nature that triggers a more detailed response. Fully customisable. 

Scale question 

Scale questions are proven to be easy and quick to answer, often used as an alternative method of measuring customer satisfaction levels. Choose from either slider or button options. Fully customisable. 


Multiple choice 

With this option, you can ask customers to prioritise various elements regarding your brand. This example focuses on the element of service a customer might like more, but you can tailor the question to reveal not only your reveal success areas, but potential pain points you can work on. Fully customisable. 

An alternative multiple-choice format that gives customers the opportunity to pick a single, preferred answer from a list of options. This is particularly useful as a market research tool. Use it to identify your USP or reveal the reasons why customers choose you over your competitors. Fully customisable. 


Once the responses start rolling in, you can start exploring the answers, with reporting available at the touch of a button, including overall statistics and more detailed statistics on every question.   

Where open text questions have been posed, our sentiment insight feature will automatically summarise what customers are saying (and how they’re feeling). This saves valuable time and offers a broad overview of your results.  

And, with feedback grouped by sentiment in this way, you can easily preview each answer for a more detailed look at responses.   

Finally, Feefo gives you the option to export your survey results as a handy csv file, so you can share results with team members and start examining data in more detail to help build a better business.


Feefo Surveys offer a powerful way to collect valuable feedback from your customers and employees. By customising surveys and analysing the results, you can gain deeper insights into customer satisfaction, identify your USPs, and enhance your business strategies. If you need any assistance or have further questions about setting up and using Surveys, don't hesitate to contact our support team. Start leveraging the Surveys feature today to unlock valuable insights and improve your business performance.